1. Widows Walk
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Widows Walk

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Featuring Isabel Castellvi as 'the creaky ship' and "capatain". Also, Rachel Kapelski as "the widow" on harp and River Guerguergian, percussion, as the "storm."


I climb the ladder o’er the widow’s walk
As many times allows the day
When we were young and you a sailor
I felt our story was forever.

And on this cold and misty morning
I know can I feel you here
I can feel you all around me
I hear your voice sing through the gales

And I’ll wait, and I’ll yearn, and if nigh high I’ll fly over your ocean.

I keep watch o’er the horizon
I fear the calm before the storm
Cause time and tide it waits for no man
And hull and keel are easily torn

I see you standing at the helm
Amidst the swell and plunging seas
“Hand over fist!”. Hail to the harbor!“All sheets to the wind

I’ll wait, and I’ll yearn, and if nigh, high I’ll fly high over this ocean!

Now your ocean bound glory
It runs through my veins
Yet, I still cry! I still holler!
And he still sails from love and laughter!

But with the the knelling word
Upon this high perch
I will fly high over this ocean
I will fly high over our ocean!

I climb the ladder o’er the widow's walk…