Classically trained singer/songwriter Elizabeth Reece Lockhart graduated from North Carolina School of the Arts as an Opera Performance major before teaching herself to play guitar, arranging traditional repertoire for voice and guitar and composing her own music. 

 Elizabeth has lived in  Oklahoma, Texas, North Carolina, Colorado, Florida, France, and Morocco which has helped to cultivate her ear, voice and original picking style. Her songs combine elements of classical, world, pop and blues with soulful, lucid and dreamy lyrics, haunting melodies and rich vocals. Her voice is reminiscent of the 1960's golden age of singing recalling to mind Judy Collins and Joan Baez but with a contemporary perspective.

 In her early years, Elizabeth developed a love for classical renaissance music and 20th-century contemporary composers, opera and art song literature from around the world. Later she would find blues, traditional spirituals, folk songs, child ballads and settle into her own sound; transferring these influences to her guitar playing and songwriting.

 Elizabeth has spent a lifetime of studying and teaching music. She has performed professionally with the Piedmont Opera in coffeehouses, saloons, special events, fiddler conventions and on different stages around Texas, Oklahoma, Florida and North Carolina. She has been a part of developing two different original collaborations including a world music project called 'Porta Sonora' and an electronic lounge music project called 'Dost Thou Love Me' performing regionally with both of these projects. 

 Elizabeth is about to release her debut folk album 'Master Key" The album was self-produced with Chris Rosser. All songs were written and/or arranged by Lockhart. The luxuriously orchestrated dramas are really their own ‘acts’ in a  Operetta portraying the angt of young love, first loss, tragedy leading to acceptance, release and redemption! These songs recall remembered regions and and old haunts, caves, rivers and secret places where young sweethearts met and carved their initials on trees... of days at summer camp,  swimming, climbing rocks and telling stories around the fire. Of clear fresh mountain air and yellow days running on the plains; And that of a cold, bare cabin alone with two babies to raise. It is an ode to women who achieve great things in the harshest of circumstances...

 Recorded and engineered at Hollow Reed studios in Asheville North Carolina. With acclaimed players including Chris Rosser, Chuck Brodsky, Isabel Castellvi, Billy Cardine April Verch,  Kara Poorbough and River Guerguerian.