“Truly an original Elizabeth Lockhart’s eclectic, life-long journey through music informs her distinctive blend of traditional folk with elements of  classical, world and blues music. Her sound combines soulful vocals, an intricate finger picking guitar style and detailed storytelling that culminates into unique original compositions, drawing listeners in even further through evocative and powerful narratives. There are simply no other musicians on the Southwest Florida scene delivering Lockhart’s style of music to audiences...” 

John Davis talk show host, producer, cellist  Morning Edition NPR WGCU


For as long as she can remember, music has been an integral part of Elizabeth Reece Lockhart’s life. When she was just six years old, her voice brought chills to audiences during solo performances as she delivered gospel music with a rich, full vocal range. While in school, she won numerous awards in state-wide vocal competitions. She was selected to open for Reba McEntire at age 12. Later, she chose Opera Performance at North Carolina School of the Arts, reaching the professional status of opera singer with the Inspiration Point Fine Arts Colony Opera Theatre and the Piedmont Opera.

Elizabeth spent most of her early career teaching and performing classical music, theatre and art song literature. But it was when she found folk/roots music that she was inspired to develop her self-taught guitar and writing style. Reminiscent of 60’s folk revival women icons such as Joan BaezJudy Collins, and Joanie Mitchell, Elizabeth Lockhart delivers this type of quality performance. She has the ability to tug at a listener’s heart strings through melodies, stories and rich vocals that connect a listener to an authentic, feeling place within oneself. 


Her music always communicates. Her voice connects. It is contemporary, and it is deeply honest.”

Cynthia Arnold - president and CEO ‘One Earth United’ 


Ms. Lockhart released her debut folk album Master Key in 2019. The Oklahoma-born singer/songwriter co-produced with Chris Rosser who also engineered the album along with guest performances by highly acclaimed folk/Americana and world music players, including April VerchChuck Brodsky, Chris Rosser, Isabel Castellvi, Billy Cardine, and River Guerguerian.


Master Key is a twelve-song collection of smooth, hear-felt tracks that gently draw the listener in, leading them on a poetic journey, from the soothing piano sounds of ‘'Lifer' to the more dramatic and descriptive narrative and cello swells on 'Widows Walk.' Lockhart combines hundreds of years old traditional ballads with her original, contemporary folk compositions. Weaving together elements of classical, folk, world -pop and blues, Master Key delivers timeless orchestration, haunting stories and melodies with something special that appeals to a multi-genre, worldwide audience.