August 16, 2018 ~ patience and new beginnings

As I catch up to the momentum I have set in action may I have the patience to not get discouraged... remember there is much more of this dream in existence than you had before.. Bask in the miraculous divine given ability of creation. Enjoy the ride. Let go and BELIEVE it is possible. Make the intentions to will them into reality.

So any things to be excited about with the production of debut solo album. Due out for pre - order November !, 2018                               


I will be releasing my through Hudson Harding Music to folk radio in January so stay tuned on the details and airplay. 

A new website in the works with easy tools to steer you towards the right information...I love, love, love being aesthetically organized!!!

Working, working, working all the time!

Also many new songs in the works really on album 4 at this point so please support me in this writing flow!

Find your best!  Warmest regards, Elizabeth